Fight steps up over litterbugs as fast food outlet opens

The msss left behind at Peterhead's Ugie car park.
The msss left behind at Peterhead's Ugie car park.
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Litterbugs have come under fire after leaving a trail of empty bags and cartons at a Peterhead beauty spot.

Local resident Steve Plows photographed the mess which was left behind at the Ugie car park in the town.

In a letter to the Buchnie, Mr Plows said: “It’s good to see KFC open in the town. Any new business is a welcome boost.

“What a pity though that the ‘Scottish Pride’ we heard so much about a few short weeks ago doesn’t extend to walking a few feet and putting rubbish into the bins provided :

“The photograph was taken at the car park next to the Ugie estuary, one of the most picturesque places in the area, at 7.30am on Thursday.

“Clearly the bin is too far away to walk to, and presumably the offender didn’t have the petrol to drive up to it!

“I’d like to bet whoever did this spends a lot of time shouting and moaning about the gulls they encourage too. They should be ashamed.”

Meanwhile, the Pick Up Peterhead group has also raised concerns about the growing problem of litter.

A spokesperson said that although fast-food companies work hard to combat litter droppers, customers must take responsibility.