Crackdown on nuisance gulls in Peterhead

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Peterhead residents are being asked to participate in pilot scheme to control the population of nuisance seagulls in the town.

Aberdeenshire Council are currently removing eggs and nests from council and participating properties in the town including problematic areas like Drummers Corner.

Stephen Smith, Infrastructure Services Committee Vice-Chair and Peterhead Councillor, said: ““We are very grateful for the support of the many property owners and local businesses who have taken part, which will make the town centre safer and a more pleasant place to visit for everyone.

“The area targeted was identified as a hotspot for gulls breeding around the town centre, with the aim being to reduce the number of young gulls competing for food in late summer, which should reduce the incidence of attacks on people to steal food.”

The work is being done under General Licence from Scottish Natural Heritage and no chicks or adult gulls are harmed during the process .

Presly Pest Control carried out the first removals from roofs in Marischal Street, Drummers Corner, Thistle Street and Back Street.