Councillors concerned about Boddam traveller site

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Buchan councillors have raised concerns over the recommendation to build a temporary travellers site in Boddam.

Councillors were given the opportunity to comment on the retrospective planning permission for the land at Springhill Cottages during the Buchan Area Committee before it goes before a full council meeting.

Councillor Stephen Smith said that he didn’t think the “case has been made for approval”.

He said: “I think there’s an issue with proximity to existing property and I don’t think it’s appropriate for this type of application.”

Councillor Stuart Pratt. Chair of the Buchan Area Committee, backed up his fellow councillor’s statement.

He said: “My view is very similar to Councillor Smith’s and I would find it very hard to agree with this application.”

The traveller site has applied for full planning permission on a temporary basis for an initial twelve months.

The application is for four caravan berths with some Councillor Fiona McRae asking if that was enforceable.

Councillor Stephen Smith also asked if another part of the application, that the site was for the applicant and there dependents only, was enforceable.

He said: “Would someone go in and ask about their circumstances.”

A spokesperson for Infrastructure Services said that “It could be but I accept that it could be difficult.”

The application will now go before a full council meeting.

If refused the applicants have three months to appeal the decision.