Councillor raises litter concerns at Lido

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A PETERHEAD councillor has raised concerns over the increasing litter problem in and around the town.

Tom Malone has written to the Buchan Observer highlighting particular problems in the Lido area where the contents of the large bins are routinely excavated by seagulls.

Cllr Malone says: “The litter problem in Peterhead is increasingly in the news. On March 13 the issue hit the headlines following concerns from a major Peterhead business about the negative impact on visiting business personnel because of widespread litter around the main route into town.

“More recently children and teachers from a local primary school spent time picking up litter at the Lido only to find when they returned to their cars that fresh litter had been dropped around their vehicles.

“A local community group is also making efforts to encourage groups of volunteers to try to clean up litter from around the town and its environs. The Buchanhaven Heritage Society is also making strenuous efforts to clean up the Buchanhaven area and its beaches. All of these efforts must be highly commended, however some of the root causes of the problem remain unchanged and unchallenged.”

Cllr Malone says a major contributor to the problem is one that he has raised on numerous occasions over the years with local officials but to no avail.

“I refer to the council`s practice of siting no fewer than ten household wheelie bins across the entire length of the Peterhead Lido car park,” he says.

“Not only are these bins extremely unsightly and truly represent a blot on the landscape of an otherwise superb and impressive panoramic view, they actually encourage local people to deposit their litter there, rather than simply take it home.

“The contents of these ten large bins is then routinely excavated by flocks of seagulls and also lifted by the strong winds and distributed in considerable volume all across the immediate and surrounding area.

“I wish to stress that this is a common daily occurrence and is therefore a major contributor to this chronic litter problem,” he said.

Aberdeenshire Council’s head of protective services and waste management, Ian Robertson, said: “We would always encourage residents and visitors to dispose of litter responsibly.

“In some instances it may well be appropriate for litter to be taken home to be recycled, however it is also important for us to provide appropriate on-site litter bins at popular locations such as the Lido.

“We appreciate there are particular difficulties caused by gulls scavenging here and we will review litter collection arrangements to see if improvements can be made.

“We are also working with community groups to support their involvement in reducing the prevalence of litter in the local environment.”