Buchan station fit for carbon capture

Peterhead Power Station could be in line for a major development
Peterhead Power Station could be in line for a major development

The Buchan area was given a boost as an innovative development at the power station was given the green light as being fit for purpose.

The Peterhead Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)project took a key step forward last week when the British Geological Society confirmed that the site is suitable.

However, there has been doubts as oil firm Shell are reluctant to commit to the project until the government commits to further public funding.

A Shell spokesperson said: “The process is such that we will make a decision on the potential project around the end of the year, and then the government will make theirs.

“The timing is in their hands.”

Planning permission was granted by Aberdeenshire Council earlier this year when Shell submitted plans to the Buchan Area Committee for the operation that should see a further 20-30 permanent staff employed at the station.

And it is predicted that the construction workforce will peak at around 600 workers.

Carbon capture technology can catch up to 90% of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions produced from the use of fossil fuels in electricity generation and industrial processes.

It is more environmentally friendly as it prevents CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

If it goes ahead, the Buchan station will be the first commercial CCS plant in the UK.

Energetica, a programme that aims to make the North East ‘one of the most robust economies in Europe’, Development Manager James Welsh was delighted that the project is progressing.

He said: “The Peterhead project team has worked extremely hard to get to this point and I hope they clear the two final stages and a green light is given in early 2016.”