An Environmental Health career opportunity beckons

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A young person interested in the environment and the health of local communities could take on the role of Student Environmental Health Officer (EHO) in September.

Aberdeenshire Council wants to offer a young person the chance of a career in environmental health, including university sponsorship, training and employment.

To become an EHO requires the attainment of a BSc (Hons) at University of West of Scotland (UWS), completion of 48 weeks training and passing a professional exam.

Ideally, the opportunity would be offered to a recent or potential school leaver.

Environmental Health services strive to improve, protect and maintain health and well being through action on the physical environment and life circumstances.

For well over 100 years in Scotland, EHOs and their predecessors have been employed to look after the health of the public.EHOs are primarily concerned with protecting the public from harmful exposures they may encounter in the environment, and with improving health.

They act as advisers, educators and enforcers, carry out site visits and give assistance to individual householders, businesses, managers and workers. Some work in the private sector advising businesses of their legal duties.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Environmental Health Manager, Dave Cooper, said: “We are looking for an enthusiastic individual with a genuine concern for the environment and the health and wellbeing of the public and communities in Aberdeenshire.”