Employees ready to take centre stage

Alasdair Corbett, Steph Wemyss, Lynn Sandison and Chelcie Grant are preparing for their starring roles
Alasdair Corbett, Steph Wemyss, Lynn Sandison and Chelcie Grant are preparing for their starring roles
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Five employees from leading North-east recruitment firm Genesis Personnel will take to the stage this Christmas in their local pantomimes.

Lynn Sandison, Chelcie Grant, and Alasdair Corbett will take on various roles in the Peterhead production of the Snow Queen, while Steph Wemyss will starin Inverurie’s pantomime production of Jack in the Beanstalk and Bill Barclay is set for his role in Stonehaven’s space themed Christmas panto.

The recruitment firm has three stars in the Peterhead panto, with Alasdair taking on the role of Harry Bo, the Doric comedy loon, Lynn as a fairy and Chelcie is the chorus mistress and chairperson for the show.

However, on top of the Snow Queen and work at Genesis, Alasdair has also recently played Link Larkin in Hairspray and will play Joey, one of the three stuges in Sister Act, which will be in His Majesty’s Theatre next year, so he has a lot on his plate.

Alasdair, said: “I am not really sure how I manage to balance my time, as I am always on the go and running around like a headless chicken, especially at the moment as I am currently rehearsing for three productions.

“However, I am a glutton for punishment and love to be busy, as I would drive myself and everyone else up the wall if I wasn’t.”

The five employees who all caught the acting bug at an early age, are all involved with various theatre groups and now use their performing skills to help in their different roles at Genesis.

Lynn, said: “I have always liked to entertain people so one of my favourite parts is seeing the audience’s reaction, especially after you have done a good scene.

“I am quite a confident person but performing has definitely helped and made it easier to speak to candidates in the office or over the phone.”

Chelcie, added: “This year I am in charge of the chorus, which began with an audition and selection process, so my experience at Genesis definitely helped with this. I am now looking after 51 kids and more involved with the production team so my organisation and time management skills are vital.”

With the countdown to show time fast approaching, the five panto stars are all focussing on their shows, on top of busy work schedules, and all say they wouldn’t be able to do it without support from their employers.