Zoolab visit for Hatton Playgroup

Three youngsters get up close with Victoria the Tarantula
Three youngsters get up close with Victoria the Tarantula

Youngsters from Hatton Playgroup had some very special guests visiting on Monday morning in the form of creepy crawlies!

Lee Dunn, from live animal handling workshop Zoolab, took along some of his Minibeast friends to introduce to the children.

Youngsters were allowed to hold Woody the Stick Insect and laughed as he crawled around on their hands.

Lee also introduced the children to Victoria the Tarantula, Thor the Giant African Millipede, Arnold the Indian Forest Scorpion and Jake the Corn Snake.

The visit from Zoolab explained how some animals have backbones and some don’t, and also how animals can be placed into different groups.

The youngsters were very curious, yet enthusiastic to find out more about the minibeasts, asking Lee lots of questions including how they eat, how old they are and how long they live for.

One boy even noted that Jake looked like “a silly sausage!”

The children were very brave as they were allowed to touch the creatures, except for grumpy Arnold who had to stay in his box.

The playgroup had been studying insects as their project, so the visit from Zoolab gave the children a chance to see some of the creatures in real life.