Town language cafe shares experiences

The Language Cafe at Drummer's Corner in Peterhead has been a huge success.
The Language Cafe at Drummer's Corner in Peterhead has been a huge success.

A new language cafe based in Peterhead has proved to be a huge success.

The cafe meets every Wednesday in the former Happit shop in Drummers Corner.

It is run in partnership with the Ssamis research project, the WEA (Workers’ Educational Association) and Modo.

The Scottish Government-funded charrette, Choose Petehead, led by Modo, succeeded in harnessing various positive moves and groups to create a positive vision for the town centre that is practicval and has real support from the lcoal community.

An identified short-term outcome for Choose Peterhead was the establishment of a community space that could be a hub for community activities and gatherings from a youth cafe to an informal language learning.

Ssamis - Social Support and Migration in Scotland, is a collaboration between Swansea University and the University of Glasgow, working with people from Central and Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union, looking at what brought them here and what makes them feel settled, particularly in relation to language, employment, culture and friendships/belonging.

Everyone is welcome to go along to the friendly venue where they can enjoy conversation over coffee and meet new people.

Primarily aimed at the migrant workers’ community in Peterhead, the overall aim of the cafe is toprovide informal English language support.

A series of talks have been arranged including a CPR workshop by the White Watch from Peterhead Fire Service, a photography talk and an exciting exercise demo (Tribal belly dancing) to show that exercise can be fun.

Those going along have also enjoyed making crafts, discussing local traditions, learning about each others’ cultures, eating foods from Scotland and abroad and having a laugh as they did so.

Katrena Wilkie, who runs the language cafe, told the Buchanie: “This initiative has opened a huge opportunity.

“Seeing the benefits to the community, the owners of the building have given Modo rent-free license to use the space.

“Already this has generated significant interest from cultural organisations and the building has already hosted three exhibitions and a number of cultural events and workshops ranging from film to Commedia dell’arte.

“We hope to demonstrate the need and demand for a permanent cultural hub in Peterhead,” she added.