Toon Academy classrooms “not fit for purpose” admits council

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Peterhead Academy pupils have been left with classrooms “not fit for purpose” a Council Business Services member admitted yesterday.

Speaking before the Buchan Area Committee the Services speaker said the council “could not guarantee that the classrooms will be fit for purpose,” as essential maintenance works were debated.

The £110,000 project to upgrade the windows at the Academy has been delayed as a timescale is put in place concerning a new Academy - leaving current students sitting in freezing conditions.

Councillor Stuart Pratt, Buchan Area Committee Chair, said: “I think it is not acceptable in the slightest that our kids are sitting in classrooms with their coats on.”

The councillor said that new windows did not need to be put in place but that “proper repairs must be carried out”.

There was general agreement among all councillors that repairs to the windows were a priority with questions being raised whether it would not make more sense to replace the windows rather than to continue spending money patching them up.

The Business Services spokesperson said that a paper could be back before the Area Committee by June or September to outlay plans to improve classroom conditions.

Councillor Pratt said he expected the paper in June believing that September was too long a time to wait for repairs to be discussed as it would be to close to winter.