Students get on the right track

Peterhead Academy S6 pupils with PC Raymond Neil and the Road Safety Grampian Driving Ambition Subaru
Peterhead Academy S6 pupils with PC Raymond Neil and the Road Safety Grampian Driving Ambition Subaru

PETERHEAD Academy’s sixth year pupils were treated to different type of lesson on Thursday.

As part of this year’s Driving Ambition, seven of the Peterhead area driving schools generously donated four hours of their working time for free to attend the road safety event.

PC Raymond Neil was also in attendance with the Road Safety Grampian Driving Ambition Subaru.

Due to the creation of a single police force in April, this is the last year that Grampian Police as a unit have an input in the programme but it is hoped that despite this, Driving Ambition will still be available to pupils in the future.

The Driving Ambition day consisted of three different areas of road safety, each taking an hour to complete.

Pupils spent one hour with one of the driving instructors on the road, so those who had never driven a car before could get a taster and those who are currenly learning could receive a bit of free extra tuition.

Another hour was spent with PC Raymond Neil and the Grampian Road Safety Subaru as he taught pupils about car safety and how to react to different situations.

The final hour saw pupils learn basic first aid with help from the police so that if they should come across an accident, they would know what to do and how to help those in need before the emergency services arrive.

The seven driving schools involved with the Driving Ambition this year were:

Jane’s Driving Tuition, Geared Up Driving Training, Drive-Rite, Alan Davidson from Longside Driving School, Easy Drive with Irene Murray, Kevin’s Driving Training and JJ’s Driving School.

This was the fifth year of Driving Ambition at Peterhead Academy and follows on from the Safe Drive Stay Alive event at the Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen that pupils attend in fifth year.

The Stay Drive Stay Alive event features members of the emergency service, people who were involved in a car accident and family members who lost a loved one in an accident, all speaking about road safety as well as a range of hard-hitting safety campaign videos being shown.

The pupils are given these opportunities as they approach the driving age and begin taking driving lessons.

It is hoped that both of the driving safety events make pupils aware of the dangers that come with driving but help them make safe decisions.