Stevenson visits P6 class

Stewart Stevenson answering a question at Buchanhaven School
Stewart Stevenson answering a question at Buchanhaven School

MSP Stewart Stevenson visited Buchanhaven Primary School on Friday, November 2 to answer questions from pupils.

The MSP was a guest at Miss Hutchison’s primary six class, and he was ready to answer any questions they had for him.

Mr Stevenson started by introducing himself and told the class he has been a member of Parliament for 11 years but before that he had done 30 years service with the Bank of Scotland working with computers.

He then gave the class a brief background on his school days, where he comes from and who he represents, being an MSP.

Before the questions started, he told the class what his job entails and what he typically does on a weekly and yearly basis.

The number of surgeries he has held so far this year was also mentioned and he also told the class that he often speaks in Parliament.

He added that so far he has spoken about organ donation, drink driving and a scheme that is aimed to help new businesses.

After his introduction was finished he let the pupils ask anything they liked.

Questions asked included who is the youngest and oldest member of Parliament, is the job harder than he expected, why he became an MSP and how many hours he works.

One pupil asked Mr Stevenson what he would do were he not an MSP, to which he answered: “Retired! Well I am 66.”

This brought many laughs to the class though he continued by saying he does not think he wants to retire.

The MSP’s appearance at the school comes after Buchanhaven staged their own election, using polling stations to learn about politics.

Mr Stevenson said: “I’d like to thank Miss Hutcheson and the pupils of primary 6 for inviting me along today.

“I always find these visits very enjoyable and today was no exception. The class was lively and engaging and I hope I was able to give them an insight into the day to day work and range of duties and activities which MSPs of all parties are involved in.”