Shire schools pupils vote ‘no’ in mock referrendum

Peterhead Academy's Mock Referendum Polling Station
Peterhead Academy's Mock Referendum Polling Station

More than 10,000 pupils from Aberdeenshire schools learned the outcome of polling on the issue of national independence across the area, last week.

Pupils had the opportunity to cast their votes , which were then counted and declared a year before the national referrendum on independence.

The major electoral participation project involved more than 14,500 pupils at 17 secondary and four special schools.

Pupils learned about all the issues involved and all sides of the debate, before casting their own vote. Many of them will be able to take part in the referendum on independence for Scotland proper when it takes place next year.

Aberdeenshire-wide, an overwhelming “no” was returned to the question: “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

There were 8,718 pupils who voted no, with 2,847 voting yes. Only one school, with an electorate of 17 pupils and 13 votes cast, voted yes to independence. Two other schools had tied results. From an electorate of 14,584, 11,653 took the chance to vote, an incredible turnout of 79.9% - 88 ballot papers were rejected.

Aberdeenshire Council and Grampian Electoral Registration Office helped young people set up, contest, and hold their own polls. It was run in the same way as any real election or referendum, using specially printed ballot papers and electoral registers.