Seafood in Schools event at Mintlaw

Skipper Peter Bruce shows local P7s a freshly caught Haddock at the Seafood in Schools event
Skipper Peter Bruce shows local P7s a freshly caught Haddock at the Seafood in Schools event
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Seafood Scotland continued its highly successful Seafood in Schools programme with an exciting, interactive event at Mintlaw Academy last week.

Around 250 pupils from the academy and local primary schools attended the event on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 June.

Children enjoyed three workshops with classmates and had the opportunity to cook up some tasty seafood dishes using mackerel and haddock.

Cookery was supervised by Banff and Buchan College hospitality lecturers Janette Kelly and Julie Rae, ably assisted by some of their own students.

Irene Sharp, Depute Rector of Mintlaw Academy said: “Every year all primary seven pupils from our ten feeder primaries spend three days in the academy for a taster of secondary school life. As part of this experience we are delighted to welcome Seafood in Schools this year.

“It is a wonderful opportunity for them to learn about the local seafood industry.”

North-east fisherman Peter Bruce, founder of the ‘Real Fish Fight’, hosted an interactive workshop where pupils had the opportunity to see and handle fresh, live species including crab, lobster, haddock, monkfish and squid, and learned about life at sea.

“As a working fisherman, l think it is really important that younger generations learn about the great variety of fish and shellfish in the waters around Scotland.

“I’m delighted to share my knowledge about catching fish in a responsible and sustainable manner,” said Peter.

John Dunn from Marine Scotland discussed: “What does a Marine Scientist Do?” telling pupils about some of the commercially important fish species and explained why productive, sustainable seas are important to all of us.

Catriona Frankitti from the Fish for Health project explained why seafood is good for health, whilst tempting pupils to try a selection of fish and shellfish including mackerel, trout and crab.

Fish and shellfish for the workshops and cookery sessions was generously supplied by MacDuff Shellfish, Peter Bruce and the Don Fishing Co.

Roy Cunningham, managing director at Macduff Shellfish, said: “If we are to encourage a future nation of shellfish lovers, it is important that children learn where it comes from and why eating seafood is good for us.

“We were delighted to supply crab and langoustine to Mintlaw Academy’s Seafood in Schools event to help with this important educational programme.”