School Fairtrade Breakfast

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The 2016 Fairtrade Fortnight ran from Monday, February 29 to Sunday, March 13.

In recognition of this, P4- 7 pupils at Kininmonth School hosted a Fairtrade Breakfast event on Tuesday, March 8, from 10am to 11am in the school’s canteen/gym hall.

The children said that they had decided to support Fairtrade because it meant that farmers were getting a fair amount for their products.

Fairtrade tea, coffee, spreads, bananas and chocolate was generously donated by the Co-op supermarket in Mintlaw.

The P4-7 pupils made Fairtrade Chocolate and Banana Muffins for the event.

All family members and friends of the school were invited and made most welcome.

Children were allowed out of class to breakfast with their parents.

The adults and children enjoyed the experience and P4-7 had a good time sharing the jobs.

The 30 pupil school raised £33.60 which will go to the Fairtrade Foundation.