Pupils hold Mock Referendum

Peterhead Academy's Mock Referendum Polling Station
Peterhead Academy's Mock Referendum Polling Station
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Peterhead Academy was just one of 17 Aberdeenshire schools that held a mock referendum on Tuesday, September 17.

The aim of the day was to teach pupils how the voting system works and to help those who may be eligible to vote in next year’s Scottish Referendum.

Each year group was given allocated times to vote and the results were 
counted at a special event held at Meldum Academy on Wednesday.

Leading up to the mock vote, two campaign teams, Yes and No, gave assembly presentations and canvassed around the school.

The Aberdeenshire wide mock referendum day was set up by the Electoral Commission so pupils were able to get a realistic idea of how polling stations work.

Throught the day, a number of pupils from 4th, 5th and 6th year helped out by acting as Presiding Officers.

Modern Studies teacher, Karen McHugh, said she was impressed with pupils on the day: “The day has 
gone very smoothly and the pupils are a real credit to themselves.

“The pupils involved with the campaign groups have worked really hard and gave up their own time after school and lunchtimes to provide their own materials.”

The Yes Scotland team were made up of Gaia Podlensy, Rebecca Cheyne, Callum Bruce and Robert Gallagher while the No to Independence team consisted of Megan Stubbs, Ruaridh Duncan, James Hall and Ewan Birnie.

Aberdeenshire Council Chief Executive and Returning Officer Colin Mackenzie said: “This is an exciting project which mirrors 
what is happening at a national level and will give young people the chance to find out about what is happening, as well as an insight into how the referendum will be conducted.”