Pupils go for green for Fairtrade Fortnight

Peterhead Academy pupils will be promoting Fairtrade Fortnight over the next two weeks in the hope to achieve a Fairtrade status at the school.

The pupils will be taking part in various events including selling Fairtrade products over two lunchtime periods which eventually, will lead to the addition of the most favoured product into the schools vending machines. Fairtrade products will also be on sale to parents visiting the school for the 1st year parents evening tonight (Tuesday).

Buchanhaven primary pupils will also be taking part in the fortnights activities, and 50 primary 7s will visit the school on Wednesday to take part in a Fairtrade day organised by some of the first years, activities will include a quiz, tasting Fairtrade products and creating their very own Fairtrade product, including the name, packaging and design.

The teacher behind Fairtrade fortnight Laura Gauld said: “To achieve the Fairtrade status at the school we have to host a community event, so we thought it would be a good idea to get one of the primary schools involved, it also means there will be a strong link for them coming to the academy in August, as well as making new friends.”

Pupils will also dress in the Fairtrade colours, blue and green this Friday.

The school will also be paid a visit from a producer who works on a Fairtrade farm next Thursday, March 10, and Peterhead academy is one of only two schools in Scotland who will receive a visit.

Miss Gauld added: “I think it’s important for the pupils to promote Fairtrade week to both their peers at school and members of the local community.

“Taking part in the Fairtrade fortnight is also allowing the pupils to increase their own confidence and be involved in team building as they are taking care of the project entirely on their own.”