Pupils get crash course in safety

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PUPILS from Boddam, Kininmonth, Clerkhill and Hatton schools got a crash course in safety recently.

They were among 2,000 youngsters from across Aberdeen City and Shire to be put through their paces at the Aberdeen Safer Community Trust’s, Grampian Safe Team.

The annual safety event is celebrating 20 years of providing lifesaving advice.

In Scotland, around one in seven emergency hospital admissions of children is as a consequence of unintentional injuries and Safe Team, the partnership behind the event, is keen to cut these numbers by making pupils more safety aware in an interactive and educational way.

Aberdeen Safer Community Trust makes it easy and exciting to learn about staying safe in the course of our everyday lives.The schoolchildren will take part in simulated real life activities designed to help them learn about protecting themselves from situations which could result in them coming to serious harm.

Adapted cabins have been set up, each housing a different scenario with potential hazards which the children can explore and interact with. This year there are 11 sets including a dangerous flat containing fire hazards, a building site, a beach, an electricity sub station, a road and a school bus.

Stephanie Buchan from Kininmonth School said: “What I really enjoyed about Safe Team is that you actually get to experience the situation and make decisions about how to deal with it. It was good to be able to practice in a safe environment and learn from the mistakes that we made on the day. I really enjoyed it when they filled the bedsit full of smoke and we had to get out calmly and call the fire brigade.”