Positive destination for Peterhead Academy leavers exceeds national average

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Pupils at Peterhead Academy are now finding a positive destination when leaving the school at a higher rate than the national average.

Figures reveal that 94.8% of students leaving last year went on to a find a job, an apprenticeship or attend further or higher education.

This number has increased from the previous year’s 91.4%and outscores the national average of 92.9%, almost reaching the Aberdeenshire average of 95.6%.

Literacy and numeracy figures are also showing an upward trend year on year as the academy is “drawing level with comparative schools”.

Councillors welcomed the latest figures as Peterhead Academy continued to reducethe gap between itself and other Aberdeenshire schools in these key areas.

Stephen Smith, Councillor for Peterhead South and Cruden, said: “To get to 95% for positive destinations is doing extremely well.”

Alan Gardiner, Councillor for Peterhead North and Rattray, said: “I think this is a great great improvement and very well done.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day but we asked you to do something and you’re doing it.”

The academy has introduced a number of steps to improve their attainment figures including a School Values consultation with pupils, staff and parents and rigorous faculty attainment review meetings twice a school year.