Peterhead Academy warns against term time holidays

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Peterhead Academy’s Head Teacher has appealed to parents to stop taking their children on holidays during term time.

Shona Sellers, the Academy’s head teacher, made the plea after the school received a large number of letter stating that children would be away from school on family holidays.

Ms Sellers said: “A two week holiday within term results in a senior pupil missing over 8 hours of teaching in each of their subjects.

“This causes great difficulty for pupils trying to catch up and can hamper progress.

“I urge you to consider carefully taking your child out of school.”

The Head Teacher said that she understood that term time holidays were less expensive but parents should weigh up how it impacts on education and exam results.

Ms Sellers said: “Attendance is also intrinsically linked to attainment and, if our youngsters have any chance of achieving their potential, then they need to be here and working with staff to do the best they possibly can.”

Pupils who do miss school due to family holidays will have this counted against their percentage attendance.

If their attendance falls below 85% it could mean them missing out on other school activities, including sports.

Ms Sellers said: “We feel that if they have less than this attendance then their time would be better spent catching up with work missed.

“Any pupil that dips below this attendance will not be representing the school in sporting events, Rock Challenge, school trips et cetera.”

The school has stated that 90% attendance is the equivalent to one day off every fortnight.

Ms Sellers said: “If we are to prepare our young people for the World of Work, then we need to instil in them the importance of coming to school regularly.”

The school has also asked that parents get their children to class on time.

The Parent Council were contacted for comment but had not replied by the time the Buchanie went to print.