Peterhead Academy continues to improve

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Peterhead Academy has been given a favourable report following an inspection by Education Scotland earlier this year.

The report highlights the ongoing improvements being ma de by the academy in terms of the staff, students and parents work to develop the school’s vision and the developing of employability skills.

Cllr Alison Evison ,Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Education, Learning and Leisure Committee, , said: “This report shows just how much hard work is taking place at Peterhead Academy by pupils and staff alike.

“The school has made some really positive steps and those both studying and working there should be very proud of their achievements.”

She added: “Through their fundraising for local charities and representing the area in sporting events, pupils have strong links with the wider community.

“Teachers and staff are focused on school improvement and their engagement with parents means the school has a strong vision and shared values.”

The report states that senior leaders in the school encourage teachers to take on leadership roles and initiate improvements while also encouraging them to participate in career-long learning.

It is also highlighted that almost all pupils are successful in moving on to employment, training or further learning after they leave the academy.

Recommendations were also made to the academy about how they could continue to better the school including improving the use of assessment to monitor and improve student’s progress across their learning.

Councillor Charles Buchan, vice-chair of the Education, Learning and Leisure Committee, said: ““As with every school there are always things we can do better.

“Over the coming years we’ll build on what we’ve achieved and will fully incorporate the inspectors’ recommendations into our plans for the future.”

A further inspection of the school will be carried out within 18 months.