New Pitsligo pupils learn about Nepal

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Pupils in Primary 1-3 of New Pitsligo and St John’s School had the opportunity to learn about Nepal from first-hand experience.

Drubha from the local 4C’s Tandoori restaurant visited the school to tell the pupils about his experiences in Nepal.

He explained how he was caught in both the recent earthquakes.

He described how the earthquake affected him and the devastation he saw.

Thankfully Drubha’s family was unhurt following the tragic event.

Dhruba also explained what it was like growing up in Nepal and the things the children could expect to see if they ever visited the country.

Mrs Mellin and Mrs Watson, the class teachers were appreciative of Drubha giving the children a realistic sense of Nepal.

Speaking after the pupil’s visit, Mrs Watson said: “We are grateful to Drubha for sharing his personal experiences.

“This has helped to enhance the learning experience for all children involved.”