NE pupils get to try out career

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Secondary school pupils who wish to pursue a career in Nursing have been given the chance to try out the career first hand at Robert Gordon University’s Nursing Summer School.

A total of 20 pupils from secondary schools across the north-east attended the programme at the end of July for a week long taster of what is involved in nursing.

The programme, open to 16 to 18 year-olds, is a free educational experience to help interested pupils make more informed decisions about whether nursing is the right career choice for them.

During the week participants took part in various nursing activities which contribute to core skills required in the profession.

Pupils not only practiced these skills within the university’s Clinical Skills Centre, but also observed work within real clinical settings.

A popular element of the programme saw participants undertaking simulated nursing practice when they put their new skills to the test with members of the public who acted as volunteer patients.

Held at RGU’s Clinical Skills Centre, the session provided an excellent opportunity for participants to step into the shoes of a nurse and deal with a variety of healthcare issues. The volunteer patients were impressed by their enthusiasm and communication skills.

The recruitment process for the 2016 Nursing Summer School will commence in March 2016 and is coordinated through the individual schools guidance teachers.

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