Mintlaw Academy’s P7 Transition Fun at Aden

The Red Team work together to get one member through a spider web
The Red Team work together to get one member through a spider web

For many pupils the thought of leaving primary school can be daunting, but Mintlaw Academy created a fun way of making those thoughts history.

On Tuesday, May 14, all primary 7 pupils who will be attending Mintlaw Academy after the holidays, were taken to Aden Country Park where they took part in various team building workshops.

The event was classed as a social fun day so pupils could meet each other and build friendships. It also gave them the opportunity to meet some staff and pupils from the academy.

Pupils were split into four colour groups and took part in activities including Circus skills with Theatre Modo, Environmental Art with Melissa Arcara, team building challenges with guidance teachers and sports with Active Schools and Grampian Sports leaders.

The day was created by a partnership between Community Learning and the Academy, organised by Pupil Support Worker, Paula Rawson and Community Worker, Lynne Gordon.

A selection of first year and senior pupils volunteered as young leaders, giving the P7 teams extra support.

The day at Aden isn’t the only support pupils have received.

In January, Paula delivered four sessions of an Aiming For High programme in each primary school.

Lasting an hour each, pupils were encouraged to share any worries or concerns, as well as getting talks from first year pupils, a DVD tour of the school and a visit from a guidance teacher.

Pupils were also invited to attend the Transition Evening Group, ran by Community Learning and Development, where they could meet new friends and take part in a range of activities including team building challenges, sports in the academy games hall, getting to know each other games and receive a tour of the school.

In April, the P7’s were treated to a concert delivered by the music department.

This was held in the social area of the academy, giving the P7’s the opportunity to meet each other and current academy pupils.

Before the pupils leave primary, they will receive a visit from Guidance teachers and the Head Teacher from Mintlaw Academy, who will talk them through a presentation designed by the current first years on what they need to know about the academy.

For pupils who are more anxious about moving up to the academy, a special Bridging Support group will be ran by acting guidance, Alex Mckeown, Lynne Gordon and Paula Rawson.

The group will meet on Thursday mornings for six weeks and finish with a residential weekend to PGL Dalguise.

The meetings will consist of different fun activities, spending time in different departments, library and timetable activities, a PE day and a scavenger hunt.

For those in need of extra support, there are various groups designed to help make the transition to the academy a smooth and enjoyable one.