Melissa sees artwork hung in new library

Melissa Arcaro with Jane Kidd at the new RGU library
Melissa Arcaro with Jane Kidd at the new RGU library

A Peterhead sculptor has seen her work take pride of place in her former university.

Melissa Arcaro (33), a recent graduate of Gray’s School of Art at Robert Gordon University (RGU), was one of 11 students whose work was snapped up by the university’s Arts and Heritage permanent collections at last year’s annual degree show.

Contrasting with the clean hi-tech lines of RGU’s new library tower, Melissa’s untitled sculpture, which is the first artwork to be hung in the building, is made of a single slice of raw timber sawn into discs and reassembled.

Melissa, who runs a very successful gallery on Peterhead’s Kirk Street, said: “My material of choice is wood, mainly unseasoned timber. I cut and slice the material myself using both a chainsaw and hand saw, dry it out to my preference, then reassemble.

“I am working with a material that is still full of life and therefore has lots of movement, so this process allows it to move in ways it wouldn’t normally be able to do - in a sense, allowing it to transform. It makes for a satisfying and intriguing journey.”

She added: “I feel very proud to have had a piece of my work selected for RGU’s permanent collections.

“This is one of the biggest pieces I made as part of this series of work and it is really nice to see it getting a home in this stunning new library.”

Jane Kidd, curator of the RGU Arts and Heritage Collections, said: “It is lovely to have a piece of work which brings the warmth of nature so obviously into the building.”

Melissa currently owns and runs Arcaro Arts in Peterhead, a gallery which hosts a range of workshops and events for all ages.

She said: “It’s been six months since we opened and it’s just been fantastic – we’ve been swamped with people coming in.

“I want to put Peterhead on the map for its arts – there is such a lot going on here and it needs to be recognised.”