Heating costs spiral at academy

Peterhead Academy.
Peterhead Academy.
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A further £28,750 is to be spent on upgrading Peterhead Academy’s heating system.

Members of Aberdeenshire Council’s policy and resources committee were asked to approve the additional funding for the biomass boiler installation, at a recent meeting in Woodhill House.

The upgrade works were identified as part of the Education, Learning and Leisure Asset Management Programme.

At its meeting in September, the policy and resources committee approved revisions to the CapitalPlan 2012-2027, which makes provision for Sustainable Environment, Carbon Reduction – Council Wide Objectives in the amount of £1,064,000 for financial year 2013/14, from which this overspend is to be funded.

The current project is to provide a new biomass plant comprising an 850 kW wood pellet-fired boiler, hot water buffer vessel, new supplementary gas-fired boiler and associated equipment to replace the remaining two old gas boilers.

The boiler house is to be extended to provide space for the pellet storage and buffer tank.

The system will be arranged to allow the new biomass boiler to operate as the lead boiler and provide most of the heating required, with the gas-fired boilers used to provide supplementary heating during periods of high demand.

Unforeseen works comprising alterations to the biomass pellet store and repositioning of Peterhead Academy’s campus gas meter installation have resulted in the variation to the spend.

Officers are discussing this indetail with the appointed external design team.

In a report to councillors, planning chief Stephen Archer said: “The principal building surveyor confirms that the additional costs are fair andreasonable for this type of work. Sparks Mechanical Services Ltd, the maincontractor, will carry out the further works.”

The education, learning and leisure service has been consulted and agreeswith the report’s recommendations.