‘Good Vibrations’ at Buchanhaven School

Emily hit the gong as Rock Steady and Bee Bop explained how vibrations make sound
Emily hit the gong as Rock Steady and Bee Bop explained how vibrations make sound

Primary six pupils at Buchanhaven School were treated to a science lesson with a twist recently.

The Generation Science workshop, ‘Good Vibrations’ presented by Bill Addison and Jamie Gordon, visited the school on Thursday, April 25 to teach Classes 6A and 6B the science behind music.

The workshop is part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival and pupils had to bid for it, explaining why they deserved the visit most.

Global energy services company Senergy, based in Aberdeen, payed for the workshop’s visit.

Bill and Jamie acted as music loving characters Bee Bop and Rock Steady, who asked for help from the pupils to learn about soundwaves and vibrations.

Pupils were involved with the show throughout, helping to demonstrate how soundwaves and vibrations make noise.

The first volunteer, Emily, was splashed as a tuning fork was placed in a cup of water. This was to show the fork was vibrating.

Emily also got to hit a gong to show how they produce sound.

Bee Bop and Rock Steady put slow motion videos of someone hitting a drum symbol to show pupils what happens and how they produce sound.

Pupils were also told about air particles, and they acted out sound travelling to the ear drum and then to the brain.

Four pupils played Boom whackers - each made a different tone as they were hit off the pupils’ heads. Rock Steady lined them up and played out nursery rhyme, ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’.

Bee Bop used a computer programme to explain about soundwaves and a range of instruments were used as demonstrations.

To finish, Bee Bop and Rock Steady helped pupils record their own song by using their voices as instruments.