First year pupils get energised

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PETERHEAD Academy pupils got energised last week as they studied energy efficiency as part of Exxonmobil’s CREATE workshop.

The S13 first year class worked in teams of two and three to conduct an ‘energy audit’ of the school building.

The group of eleven and twelve year olds examined the school’s water usage, electrical appliances, lighting and heating and devised ideas to reduce its carbon footprint.

The workshop, which has been running at the school for the past five years, encourages energy efficiency as part of the first year science curriculum.

Project co-ordinator Sandy Carter said the young people had learnt a lot about energy and had been creating colourful posters to submit to the Eco-School Council.

First year pupil Frances Milne (11) and partner Abbie Jones (12) investigated the school’s water use, concluding that much water could be saved with the introduction of duel flush on toilets.

Science teacher Alan Stickle said: “This has been a really worthwhile afternoon for the class. It has acted as a great way to build on their team-working skills and got them thinking about energy, which is a big part of the curriculum.

“They are fresh through the door of the school, too, and so it’s given them the opportunity to explore the school and visit areas that they perhaps haven’t before.”