First aid training success for Dales Park School pupils

Dales Park P7 pupils learning how to do CPR at their first aid training
Dales Park P7 pupils learning how to do CPR at their first aid training
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Dales Park primary seven pupils successfully completed their first aid training on Friday, March 8.

The first aid course first started in the school around four years ago and it aims to teach the children about a range of different health problems and how they can treat someone in need.

Grampian Training Services currently provide the training and the outcome for pupils is a Young Emergency Aider Award.

The training takes the form of three different levels beginning with pupils in primary five and continues on in primary six and the final level takes place in primary seven.

As the course takes place over three years, the information contained within the training gets a bit harder each year as the children get older and understand the more complex situations and how to deal with them.

The training involves presentations containing lots of information and pictures on different health conditions and includes how to treat them.

As part of the first aid course, the pupils learnt about broken bones, heart attacks, strains and sprains, angina, how to help someone who is choking and how to place someone in the recovery position.

They also learnt how to make a 999 emergency call, apply slings and bandages as well as how to help someone suffering from an asthma attack.

The final stage of the training for the primary sevens saw them learn how to give someone CPR which they then practiced using Little Anne and Little Junior dolls.

First aider trainer for Grampian Training Services, Tom Malcolm said: “Not a lot of schools do this training because it is quite expensive so we are looking for companies to sponsor the training so we can get into all the schools and ensure all pupils get a chance to learn vital skills.

“If any company or business would be interested in sponsoring the training, they can fill in a contact form on our website -

“We want the children to be confident in using their skills so that if they find themselves in a position where someone is in trouble, they can do their bit to help.”