Explorer Dome arrives at Strichen School

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Strichen pupils welcomed special guests to their school recently as part of a project on sustainable energy.

Ben Brown and Alex Butler visited Strichen School last Thursday - and brought with them a pop-up ‘Explorer Dome’.

The inflatable dome was set up in the school gym hall and canteen area, with pupils crawling into the dome to take part in ‘The Energy Show’.

Each class was allocated 50 minutes inside inflatable space, where Explorer Dome owners Ben and Alex spoke to the children about the pros and cons of sustainable energy locally and globally.

Commenting, class teacher Mrs Gibb said: “It was fantastic and very informative.

“It’s very important for the children to learn all about energy in a fun and exciting way.”

Explorer Dome is based in Bristol and provides science outreach lessons in schools across the country.

The company was commissioned by Thrive Renewables to engage with communities and educate children about renewable energy.