Diversity and eco days for Mintlaw kids

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Mintlaw Primary School held a Celebrating Diversity Day and an Eco Committee last month while helping to raise money for charity.

For the Celebrating Diversity Day the school had different members of the community come in to talk about a variety of subjects.

Paula Donnelly, DHT at Mintlaw Primary, said: “Our focus was celebrating the fact that we are all different and looking at ways in which we can respect these differences.”

The day held on Wednesday September 30 saw kids learn from family members while a puppy also turned up in class.

Ms Donnelly said: “We were really fortunate to have had some parents and grandparents volunteer to come in to the school to talk with pupils in their classes.

“We had a representative from Guide Dogs to speak with us and bring along a puppy in training.”

Pupils also learned about medical conditions like Autism and Cerebral Palsy.

Ms Donnelly said: “ We also had some parents speaking to us about Autism and Cerebral Palsy to help pupils to have a better understanding of what it is like to play and learn with people with Autism and Cerebral Palsy.”

The school also held a non-uniform on their diversity day, raising £176.75 for charity.

The money raised was split between three different charities - the Guide Dogs, National Autistic Charity and the Archie Foundation.

Mintlaw Primary School also held an eco friendly day which invited volunteers to help lay a patio for their new pond area and also helped to clear weeds and overgrowth from the edge of the playing field.

Ms Donnelly said: “At Mintlaw our eco group work very hard to help us to improve our school and work towards earning Eco School Green Flag Accreditations.

“Mintlaw Primary’s Eco Committee were delighted to receive help from some parent volunteers and volunteers from SSE.”