Council publishes education report

Aberdeenshire Council has published a report on enhanced education provision across the local authority.

The report, Supporting All Aberdeenshire’s Learners: Proposals for Reshaping Enhanced Provision, was discussed by councillors at a meeting of the Buchan Area Committee recently.

The policy document, by the Director of Education, Learning and Leisure, focuses on how to enhance and improve the Council’s strategic approach to education.

Setting out the contents of the report, Quality Improvement Officer Audrey Hendry stated that there were a number of drivers for change. She commented that local needs and best practice have changed, and that it was important for the Council to look at additional support needs.

Ms Hendry commented that additional and refresher training, for both teaching and non-teaching staff, may be one option going forward. She also pointed out that enhanced provision was sometimes in the wrong places, and that existing provision sometimes was not sufficient in some places.

Following consultation, it is hoped that a “refined model” will be published in February, with changes taking effect in August 2013.

Commenting, Councillor Anne Allan said that she felt the report did not contain enough detail. In a reply, Ms Hendry said that the report was about what should be consulted on and how the consultation should take place. She also emphasised the need to work with a range of stakeholders.

It was also noted that schools had identified the need for change themselves and that there was a need for less fragmentation.

Councillor Jim Ingram asked whether any future plan following on from the report could come to the Buchan Area Committee before the Education, Learning and Leisure Committee. Councillors Anne Allan and Fiona McRae raised questions about the financial implications of the report.