Claim Central School to be for foreigners only false

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Aberdeenshire Council has poured scorn on claims that a Peterhead primary school will only accept foreign nationals.

A community Facebook page was inundated with comments from concerned parents after posting the suggestion.

Admins of the ‘Only Way Is Peterhead’ group posted: “There’s rumours going around fb that the Peterhead Central School is to be turned into a school soley for foreign nationals! Does anyone know any FACTS on this and what does everyone think of this plan?”

Within the space of 18 hours the comment had received 60 replies.

But the local authority were quick to quash the claim.

A spokesperson for Aberdeenshire Council said: “There is no truth in this rumour.

“All Aberdeenshire schools are and will remain inclusive to everyone in the community.

“A place where the learning and participation of all children and young people is valued.”

It is unclear how the rumour started.