Charity begins at home and at nursery

Children and staff from Buoys and Gulls Nursery enjoyed dressing up as fairies and elves
Children and staff from Buoys and Gulls Nursery enjoyed dressing up as fairies and elves

Pre-school children in Boddam are not only discovering that ‘charity begins at home’ but that caring for others who need help is an important part of their learning at nursery.

Children and staff of the Bertram Nursery Group, which includes the Buoys and Gulls Nursery, have decided to support Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity, as their Charity of the Year.

The children are busy planning fundraising activities that will take place until the end of June based on their chosen ‘fairy and elf’ theme.

These include family fun nights, fairy and elf tea parties, summer fayres, picnics, parents’ evenings and sponsored walks. 

Needless to say, all involve lots of dressing up!

Louise Maxwell, who heads up Charity Support for Bertram Nursery Group, said:“Embracing charity causes helps to create a fun and happy environment for children to learn in.

“It also helps give them an exciting introduction to fundraising while participating in a variety of play activities.

“Everyone gets involved and we receive wonderful support from families in all ways while there is no pressure on anybody to donate.”

Louise added: “It assists in our goal to teach children in our care to be responsible citizens and effective contributors, helping to make the world a better place.”

Neal Long, Chief Executive of Sands said: “We are delighted that the staff and especially the children of Bertram Nurseries are supporting Sands as their charity of the year.

“With their help we can continue to support families whose baby has died, improve the care families receive and work to reduce the loss of babies’ lives.”