Capturing the energy of young scientists

Fiona Loudon and pupils test the new kits
Fiona Loudon and pupils test the new kits

Secondary school pupils across Scotland will now be able to get their hands on an exciting new interactive hands-on science kit focused on the role carbon capture and storage (CCS) can play in helping to meet the future energy challenge.

Young Engineers and Science Clubs Scotland (YESC), a project of The Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI) and Shell, have teamed up to bring these educational learning kits to Scottish classrooms.

Peterhead Academy pupils Natalia and Jamie

Peterhead Academy pupils Natalia and Jamie

December saw the launch and distribution of the kits across Scottish schools, including Peterhead Academy, where Paul Garnham, Shell U.K. Limited’s Project Manager for the proposed Peterhead Carbon Capture and Storage Project, was on hand to see the kits in action.

Paul said: “The Peterhead CCS project will be the first of its kind in the world and through these kits the young people of Peterhead and across Scotland will have an opportunity to be leaders in their understanding of this vital technology and of the key role it has to play in meeting the world’s energy needs in a cleaner way.

“Young Engineers and Science Clubs Scotland are doing great work in bringing science and engineering to life for Scotland’s young people and we hope that these kits will provide further inspiration for the next generation of Scottish pioneers in these critical areas of work.”

The kits are free and include all the equipment required to deliver practical, hands-on science experiments. Schools and clubs will be able to design and build a carbon dioxide storage facility, investigate carbon dioxide storage and monitoring and examine the role CCS plays in the wider global energy challenge.

The kits have been developed by The Scottish Earth Science Education Forum and the University of Edinburgh, in partnership with Shell.

Jane Martin, Programme Director of SCDI Young Engineers and Science Clubs Scotland said: “Building pathways to future careers in science and engineering is a key goal of YESC and, with our partners, this project will help to grow interest in CCS amongst young people by providing the tools to engage with a global industry.

“With over 12,000 students participating in science clubs across Scotland, this is a great chance to encourage and inspire a new generation of innovators to help meet the global energy challenge through exciting hands-on science.”

Shell is leading a proposed project to capture CO2 from gas at the SSE’s Peterhead Power Station.

Subject to securing the necessary support and regulatory approval, the project will capture one million tonnes of CO2 a year for its 10-year life.

The CO2 will be transported via pipeline over 100km off the coast of Scotland to Shell’s empty Goldeneye gas reservoir for permanent storage under the North Sea.

Shell, a long term partner of SCDI Young Engineers and Science Clubs Scotland, is enabling the development of these new, free kits as part of their on-going commitment to inspire future engineers and scientists.