Buchan students on circus exchange

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BUCHAN teenagers Ellie Moore (13), from Maud and Emma Gillanders (15), from Fetterangus went to Belgium recently for a European Circus Exchange.

The Mintlaw Academy pupils have previously participated in events held by Theatre Modo and through Modo the girls got the chance to attend this event in Leuven, Belgium for eight days.

Ellie told the Buchanie: “On the first day we got to watch two professional acts, one from Passe-Pieds! And one from 1 Mat 1 Planche.

“The workshops started on day two. We did puppeteering and balloon-making which was really fun. We also learnt how to make a balloon dog and bee.

“This was parade day. We walked through Leuven (me on stilts) and stopped in different places and the groups put on their own mini shows.

“In the afternoon we watched the shows from the groups Circus Poehaa (NL) and Fetzis (D). There were more workshops on day three. I did Chinese Pole which is basically a really tall pole covered in rubber. We also practiced for our show, a version of Cinderella, where I was the court clown.

“After that we did a thing called Circus in Europe where all the groups from the different countries (UK, Belgium, Russia, Holland, Germany and Estonia) came together and shared ideas and things they liked about circus.

“On the fourth day we went into Brussels where we did a performance. We also had to make a new statue for Brussels, make a story using no more tha nfive photos and make a pyramid with the famous statue already in Brussels as part of it. We also got to do a bit of shopping

“On day five I did Chinese pole again and got a little bit better.We also did a clowning workshop which was interesting.

“The next day I did Chinese pole again and also did a bit more work on the resting positions.

“In the afternoon I did unicycling. I went from three pedals to five to six then to 12! That night was a circus night where we got to see some of the acts again from the shows and the professional ones including Lost in Translation Circus.

“On day seven I did circus theatre where we did clowning. We learnt how a clown thinks That afternoon was the European Circus Gala where people from the different countries came together and did little acts.

“On the last days we did some more of Circus in Europe and put on our show again before returning home.”

Ellie added:”It was all an amazing experience. We learnt loads of things we never thought we would and made lots of friends from all over Europe.

“Thanks to Mintlaw Academy and Peterhead Community Development Group for sponsoring us.”