Boddam School telecoms mast returns to table

Boddam School
Boddam School

Buchan councillors will this week return to plans for the erection of a telecommunications mast at Boddam School.

The bid by Aberdeenshire Council for an improved broadband and wireless capacity was criticised at last month’s meeting of the Buchan Area Committee meeting.

Councillor Stephen Smith moved to defer the application to provide time to consider other options rather than erecting a 12-metre mast in a conservation area.

However, in a new report to be discussed on Tuesday, planners are maintaining that the site is suitable and are recommending approval. In his report, infrastructures services director Stephen Archer says that following last month’s meeting fresh further information had been submitted detailing alternative locations considered for the proposed mast.

He explains: “Both Boddam Public Hall and Church were identified as possible sites to accommodate the mast.

“In the case of the Public Hall, for the system to operate correctly, three antennas would be required, due to the increased numbers of antennas.”

The hall was discounted as a possible location due to the adverse impact to the Conservation Area that a 3-antenna system would create in contrast to the single mast at the school.

With regards to the church, this location was unfeasible as the signal would be blocked by the Public Hall.

Mr Archer states: “It was therefore decided that the most suitable location in terms of effectiveness and minimal impact upon the Conservation Area was that which was submitted at the school.”

The site of the mast is to be within the boundary of Boddam Primary School, at the north-east corner of the building.