Best Blue Toon pantomime ever?

MASSIVE crowds have been hailing the 2012 Peterhead panto as the best ever!

Saturday, December 15 marked the closing performance of the annual production by Peterhead Pantomime Group following a hugely-successful week-long run.



This year’s production of Sleeping Beauty was lovingly transferred into the Peterhead dialect by Alasdair Corbett, Christopher Cameron, Gillian Park and Jenna Rafferty to the delight of local supporters of the annual event.

The whole script and most of the lyrics were written purely for this panto and all related to Peterhead and its Doric ways. The four also took on roles on the production team with Alasdair Corbett taking the helm as director with Marie Peacock assisting alongside Gillian Park as musical director and Christine Small as producer.

Jenna Rafferty oversaw the chorus of 54 children whose acting skills were remarkable with smiles one moment and scary faces the next and the kids all shone as they performed with such energy every night.

Special mention must be given to “Poison” and “Your Happy Ending” as both were exceptional to watch as the chorus perfectly-executed Christopher Cameron’s excellent choreography.

Sleeping Beauty was played by 15-year-old Rachel Salt, who made a perfect princess with such a clear and powerful singing voice. She dreamed of finding her own fairytale ending, which came in the form of Prince Philip of Fetterangus, played by Matt Cordiner.

He unveiled a strong singing voice through his solo “I Can Go The Distance” and the pair complimented each other beautifully in “We’ve Got Tonight”. The three ‘gypes’, oops sorry, the Three Fairies, played by Miranda Buchan as Sunn Flower, Angela Ireland as Cauly Flower and Claire Small as Playne Flower were all so amusing in their individual ways and their excellent characterisation.

But a particular nod must go to Claire for her impeccable comic timing, adding great humour to the show. The Dame this year was played by local GP Iain Small and the audience were certainly not left disappointed with his portrayal of ‘Winnie Bridges’. We all saw him in a different light with his amazing dresses, wigs and make up and his expressions were hilarious.

Of course, you cannot forget about his hilarious adaptation of “Fat Bottomed Girls” where he had the audience eating from the palm of his hand.

Bernie Bridges, the cheeky chappy and Royal Gardener was played by 16-year-old Jake Cordiner. This was his first time in a principal part and he played it with consummate ease. Iain and Jake certainly made a wonderful comic duo.

King Kenny and Queen Barbie Street, played by Brian Peacock and Emma Marshall were very comfortable in their roles as the protective parents and made magnificent monarchs indeed.

The trio sang ‘Mamma I’m a Big Girl Now’ with tremendous conviction considering the new lyrics. The baddie of the panto, Blackthorn, is certainly a stand out character and Chelcie Grant was perfect.

She instantly commanded the stage and the audience also played their part booing and heckling her. The beautiful costume, created by Kathryn Buchan, added a touch of glamour to her evil character and the special effects throughout her song, ‘I Put a Spell on You’, left everyone in awe.

Praise must also be given to the two Highland dancers who choreographed a beautiful and dramatic piece to represent the Prince fighting his way through the thorns.

The musicians in the band must be congratulated in adding to the atmosphere and kept to a steady volume throughout the show. The whole cast and crew all deserved the standing ovation that the audience gave at the last performance. From the oldest to the youngest this was a brilliant show from the first performance to the last.

As everyone left the theatre each night, the comments were all extremely positive and the common thread throughout was that this was the best panto yet!