Academy pupils help to clean up local village

Mintlaw Academy pupils hard at work on the litter pick
Mintlaw Academy pupils hard at work on the litter pick

Pupils and staff from Mintlaw Academy, and a representative of the community council recently conducted a clean up of the local area including the play park, railway line and around the village and school grounds.

A total of 57 S1 and S2 pupils took part and they were able to collect over 20 bags of litter and remove it from the landscape.

Mintlaw Academy participated in the clean up as part of the nationwide Clean Up Scotland campaign which is run by the independent environmental charity, Keep Scotland Beautiful.

Commenting after the litter pick, which took place on Monday, June 2, Mintlaw Academy depute rector Mrs Sharon Noble said: “We are delighted to have been able to make a real difference to the local area.

“Not only did it leave us with a great deal of satisfaction that we were able to help our community, but the pupils had fun too.”

Carole Noble, head of environmental services for Keep Scotland Beautiful, said: “Well done to the Mintlaw Academy pupils and staff involved and also Mrs M. McCredie from the community council.

“They have made a real difference and we welcome their contribution to the Clean Up Scotland campaign.”