Academy pupils feel the power

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PETERHEAD Academy pupils felt the power recently when motivational speaker Jon Pritkin paid a visit to the school.

Part of the first ever religious assembly outwith the Academy, Jon, who hails from California in the US, led two assemblies at St Andrew’s Church.

Designed to challenge the pupils to address the widespread issues of bullying, poor self-image and overcoming personal obstacles, Jon performed some amazing feats of strength for the delighted students.

Youth and Community Pastor Daniel Sutherland said: “Jon began with a powerful visual demonstration of how the seemingly impossible can be accomplished.”

“He did this by performing astonishing “feats of strength,” such as ripping a phonebook in half, rolling a fry pan, bending a steel bar with his teeth and snapping a baseball bat over his thigh.”

Jon, who tours schools worldwide, also shared his own story with the pupils.

He explained to pupils that he was diagnosed with a severe learning disability at a young age and endured cruel and relentless taunting, ridiculing, and bullying from his school peers and neighbourhood children on a daily basis.

Daniel explained: “Some of Jon’s own teachers even said surprisingly callous things that furthered his struggle with low self-worth and sinking sense of personal value.”

Jon Pritikin, and his wife Rhonda, founded “Feel The Power” in 1994, to partner with schools and other community youth organizations to help positively motivate students.

Daniel said: “The young people have really enjoyed meeting with Jon. It’s been good fun and has given them some inspiration. It’s important to encourage our young pupils and do what we can to build their confidence and self esteem.”