Eden playpark egg hunt fun raises cash for project

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On the last day of the Easter holidays, Eden Park in Peterhead resembled times gone by with crowds of happy children taking part in the first ever Eden Park Easter Egg Hunt.

The celebration was the latest in a number of events organised by The Eden Park Project committee to raise funds to rejuvenate Eden play park whilesimultaneously bringing together the Peterhead community, young and old alike.

“So far the project has been a massive success and we are delighted with the interest and support our various fundraising events have generated,” said committee member Sharon West.

“The current site is lacking in stimulating learning and play opportunities especially for toddlers and younger children. There are also areas of the play park that are unfit for purpose.

“The money raised will go towards restoring existing equipment, purchasing new equipment and implementing more effective surfacing and fencing to ensure the park is safe and enjoyablefor all ages to use.

“We are also hoping that through these fundraising events we can foster a sense of community ownership for the park so that it does not fall into disrepair,” she added.