Dwellinghouse permission granted

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Planning permission for the erection of a dwellinghouse and garage at land at Inverugie, Peterhead, has been granted by councillors.

The decision was taken by members of the Buchan Area Committee at a meeting at Arbuthnot House recently.

The decision had previously been deferred to allow for a site visit by councillors.

Speaking on behalf of the Aberdeenshire Planning Department, Head of Planning and Building Standards Wendy Forbes recommended the planning application be refused. Ms Forbes cited concerns about the design of the proposed property not meeting policy guidelines as one of the main factors for the recommendation.

She added, however, that should councillors wish to support the application, permission should be granted subject to drainage and planning gain considerations.

Commenting, Councillor Anne Allan said the proposed site was “excellent” for a house but raised concerns about the design of the building. Similar sentiments were expressed by Cllr Jim Ingram.

However, Cllr Fiona McRae expressed her support for the project, pointing out that the property would be set back from the road.

Following the discussion, councillors narrowly granted planning permission for the erection of the dwellinghouse by 6-5 votes.