Dog owners told to bin it!

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THE recurring problem of dog mess on Peterhead’s streets reared its ugly head at the recent meeting of the town’s community council.

Members raised the issue of dog fouling yet again, with one member expressing her concern at the increase of the problem, particularly on town centre streets.

“It’s absolutely disgusting. Surely these dog owners should be caught and punished for not picking up,” she said.

“Don’t we have dog wardens to monitor the problem? “

“The Lido is also very bad and covered in dog mess and it’s not good for an area that’s designed to attract tourists to the town.”

Councillor Stuart Pratt said that there were two dog wardens in situ but they covered the entire Shire area.

“One is based in Peterhead and the other is based in the south,” he said.

“If anyone knows of a dog owner who regularly allows their dog to foul the pavements, then they should contact the wardens.

“The problem is that the warden would have to witness the owners’ failure to pick up and catch them in the act, so to speak,” he said.

Councillor Anne Allan said that dog fouling was a big problem in most areas, while community councillor Bruce Buchan said that the special dog bins provided by the council were often full and over-flowing and lacking in numbers.

Cllr Allan said that any public bin could be used to dispose of dog mess - not just the dog bins.

“Dog owners can use any waste bin, not just the red dog bins, to put their mess in. It makes it a lot easier when dog walking,” she said.

Vice-chairman, Graham Barron, said he was not aware that other bins could be used but hoped that by highlighting this it could help resolve the problem.