'Disturbing' gravestone debris removed from Lido Caravan Park

Councillor Stephen Calder photographed the gravestones within the rubble
Councillor Stephen Calder photographed the gravestones within the rubble

Owners of Peterhead Lido Caravan Park have reacted swiftly to remove broken gravestones used as infill on its site

The material from several broken headstones was among other rubble which appeared on Thursday at the caravan park on South Road.

It was brought to the attention of local councillor Stephen Calder who said he was "disturbed" by the material he found upon visiting the site.

"I was very concerned to see a pile of broken gravestones having been used as rubble at the Peterhead Lido Caravan Park," he said.

"Apparently they were deposited there on Thursday afternoon by someone who was asked by the owners to provide rubble."

The gravestones, mostly polished black granite and some almost intact, saw one bearing the inscription "boy born sleeping June 1939".

The new owners of the caravan park - a consortium of static caravan owners at the site - having been made aware of the issue had the offending material quickly removed.

In an online statement, the park operators said: "The Lido Caravan Park was not aware of any sensitive rubble/materials disposed of for reclaim and infill works at the Lido.

"Immediate action was taken to uplift and dispose of appropriately. Although not aware of the situation at the time of tipping, the Lido Caravan Park would like to apologise for any upset caused on this matter. A full investigation will take place."

Echoing those sentiments, Councillor Calder continued: "Surely there must be an investigation to find out who obtained these gravestones, from where and with whose permission.

"It is also disturbing that it appears the evidence for what could possibly be a police investigation has been removed. I find it all quite upsetting and it would be very distressing to relatives to know these gravestones were used like this."

An Aberdeenshire Council spokesperson said: “We are aware of reports that fragments of gravestones were used to mark out an extension of Lido Caravan Park.

“Planning permission was granted to the operators of Lido Caravan Park to extend the site to accommodate extra caravans. It is acceptable for the use of rubble and debris to level out a site, however this is up the developer to source material from a suitable source.

“We understand that the gravestones and any debris associated have now been removed from the site.”