Diamond couple to celebrate their 60th anniversary

Marion and James Clubb who are celebrating their Diamond Wedding Anniversary
Marion and James Clubb who are celebrating their Diamond Wedding Anniversary

A LOCAL couple are preparing to celebrate a huge milestone anniversary with the help of their friends and loved ones.

James and Marion Clubb, who currently live in Peterhead, will be celebrating their Diamond Wedding Anniversary this week on Thursday, January 10.

The couple are expected to celebrate their big day at home, however they were treated to Sunday lunch at the Station Hotel in Ellon alongside 70 friends and relatives on January 6.

When asked about how they first met, James said: “It was at a dance at Blackhills. Though we had met and been introduced to each other before.”

James thought hard about when their first date was and revealed it was in 1948 - although they cannot remember what they did.

When asked if he proposed to Marion he shook his head and said: “Nobody proposed. It was a mutual decision to get engaged.”

The couple were married on Saturday, January 10 1953 at the Palace Hotel in Peterhead.

Speaking about the special day James said: “It wasn’t a big wedding, not at that time. We just had friends and family there.”

Marion then added: “And the rest was history.”

At the time of their wedding, James and Marion reckoned they were around 27 or 28 years old and were living in different places - both within a few miles from each other.

Marion originally came from Blackhills, while James was a farmer out by Cruden Bay, though they both happily admit to being country folk despite now living in town.

After they were married, James began working in the Prison Service, though he gave that up to go back to farming.

In 1996, he gave up farming for good and the couple moved to Peterhead in 1999.

James and Marion have one child, a daughter named Christine who is proud of her parents achievement.

She said: “It is a milestone but they deserve it. It is good to see them get the gratitude they deserve.”

When asked about the secret to a long marriage, the couple and daughter Christine laughed then Marion said: “Hard work!.”