Dial-a-Community Bus driving towards new Buchan services

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Buchan Dial-a-Community Bus is engaging in a community survey to develop new services.

The growing community transport charity based at Maud focuses on reducing social exclusion through the provision of high quality transport delivery and support services.

It provides a vital service for people who cannot access public transport and are continuously seeking ways to reduce the charity’s reliance on grant funding.

The service recently realised there was an opportunity to become more self sustaining when they discovered Victoria Garage in the village was up for sale.

By taking over the garage, Dial-a-Community Bus has become less grant reliant as there is now a long-term income stream for the charity. It has also meant the service has the ability to repair and maintain its own buses by utilising the existing garage mechanics.

Now, looking to the future, Dial-a-Community Bus is seeking the views of local people on how the service can be developed in a range of ways.

In order to discover these views a short questionnaires has been distributed to the homes in the local community.

The organisation is keen to invite anyone else who wishes to be involved, to complete the questionnaire online which can be found at: www.surveymonkey.com/s/Dialacommunitybus

Following the questionnaire there will be a community engagement meeting where the community will have the chance to ask further questions.