Desperate Fishwives hit our screens

Desperate Fishwives, a new television comedy sketch show from BBC Scotland set in Aberdeenshire against the urban and rural backdrops of the North East, kicks off tonigth (Tuesday) at 10pm.

The sketch show first transmitted on BBC Radio Scotland in August 2007 and, with the use of the Doric dialect plus its modern take on this couthie humour, it became an immediate favourite with the audience.

Some of the popular character sketches include Jim and Jock who are farmer and farm labourer respectively, both living in the “Brig O Doon” village of Meiklewartle where they have decided to set up a community television station, MTV Meiklewartle Television. They are assisted by the village wench/camera person Feel Moira so the pictures are a wee bit wobbly and the continuity non-existent.

Mither and Faither live comfortably on the outskirts of Aberdeen. On the surface their life is idyllic, the kids are away, they can afford good holidays and although now middle-aged they are still comfortably in love .... except for two annoying things, their ‘friends’ Selma and Eddie.

These two are the types who arrive too early, stay too late and have too much of a kinky interest in date loaf, DIY and swinging!

Faither is convinced, with ample reason, that Selma has lecherous intentions towards him and that Eddie means to bore him to death with his endless DIY stories.