Delight for Jane as she receives an MBE

Jane Lee has received an MBE for services to Ship Safety
Jane Lee has received an MBE for services to Ship Safety

A woman from Cruden Bay is celebrating after being awarded an MBE in the 2015 New Year’s Honours.

Jane Lee, manager of the Consolidated European Reporting System at the Maritime and Coastguard Agency in Aberdeen, received the honour for her services to Ship Safety.

Speaking to the Buchanie about her MBE, Jane said: “I am just amazed, it is wonderful and it was such a big surprise.

“I got a letter five weeks before hand from the Cabinet Office and I had to read it twice before it really sunk in.

“I had no idea why the Cabinet Office was sending something to me but I am very grateful that the board put in a submission for me.”

Jane originally started working in Peterhead as an auxiliary coast guard volunteer before working her way up the ranks and landing her current job in Aberdeen back in 2007.

Describing her job role, Jane said: “The Consolidated European Reporting System, fondly known by the UK Port Authorities as the CERS, is a Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) system developed to assist the UK in meeting European and related legislation, namely to capture and exchange information with the other Members States on merchant shipping arriving into and departing UK ports with the aim to promote safe seas and protection of the maritime environment.

“Whilst I was shocked and honoured to be recognised in this way, it’s important to note that I lead a wider team which includes support from HM Coastguard as well as Ship Safety Branch within the MCA.

“Lastly, but by no means least, Port Authorities across the UK have, by giving their full cooperation, ensured the success of CERS reporting.”

Jane’s MBE came as a huge surprise to her husband Bruce and son Ross as well as her co-workers as she explained: “They are both over the moon and the staff here are having great fun with the news.”

Jane will be presented with her MBE at Buckingham Palace later on in the year where she will be joined by Bruce and Ross.

She added: “A lot of our family members are down south so we are all planning to go down to London, meet up and celebrate by having a lovely meal.

“It is very exciting and I have my outfit for Buckingham Palace sorted already!”