‘Death trap’ street to be assessed in weeks

Maiden Street in Peterhead
Maiden Street in Peterhead

Aberdeenshire Council will reassess the removal of double yellow lines on a Peterhead street described as a “death trap” within six weeks .

The lines on Maiden Street were removed around two months ago to try and increase parking in the town but the new measures have come in for heavy criticism.

George May, writing to the Buchanie, said: “Erasing the lines on both sides has frankly turned the area into a death trap.

“I have driven along that street several times since the change and have had to take evasive action too many times.”

Aberdeenshire Council now say that they will reassess the decision to remove the lines within the next six weeks.

Philip McKay, Head of roads and Landscape Services, said: ““Following the implementation of new traffic management measures in Peterhead, our road safety team will carry out a routine assessment of Maiden Street to see how well the measures are working in practice.

“We are aiming to have the assessment carried out within the next six weeks. In the meantime, we would welcome feedback from residents, who can call us on 03456 081205.”

Last month local business owners had also complained about the removal of the double yellow lines.

The Traffic management Review also seen a disabled parking spot placed close to the street corner.

Askar Ali, owner of Cut Cost Carpets on Maiden Street, said: “It’s just an accident waiting to happen.”