Cycle danger on Toon streets

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A Peterhead man has warned that dangerous adult cyclists on the Toon’s pavements are going to seriously injure or even kill someone.

Alan Rafferty claims that he has seen several young adults, some as old as 25, hurtling along the pavements of Peterhead at speeds he believes to be dangerous.

He said: “One of these days someone is going to get seriously injured or killed.”

On Thursday May 5 Mr Rafferty says he saw a cyclist nearly hit a delivery man who was just able to jump back into the doorway of the shop to avoid being hit.

He said of the cyclist: “he was going up Broad Street and he was peddling like hell.”

Mr Rafferety added: “If it had been a young toddler or an elderly person on the pavement this morning then they could quite easily have been killed.”

George Cordiner, Peterhead Community Police Inspector, says that the last incident regarding dangerous cycling had been reported to police at the beginning of January but confirmed that a report was made to the Community Warden regarding last weeks incident and a woman had been spoken to.

Inspector Cordiner asked people to report such incidents to the police at the time they happen as if they report it later it becomes harder for the police to track down the culprit.

He said: “If they [members of the public] think people are cycling on the pavements and it is dangerous then report it to us at the time on 101.”